Is it Possible to cure HSV1 and HSV2 with Antiviral Medicines?

Some Important Facts About Herpes

Is it possible for a herpes patient to eliminate herpes infection from their body forever? Well if we simply find the answer of this question then unfortunately the answer is no. Antiviral medicines have no potential to erase entire herpes virus from your body. The fact that you need to know about herpes infection is that once the herpes virus manages to enter in your cell membrane there is no way exits that has the potential to eliminate these viruses. Perhaps the herpes infected people can only prevent further outbreaks of it but not be able to cure.hsv2-cure
We do know that there are numbers of treatment options exists for the prevention of herpes infection from antiviral medicines to home remedies. Whenever a patient goes to the physician for the treatment of herpes infection the physician generally recommend antiviral medicines to reduce the severity of herpes traits. Herpes infection is not a curable infection so the physician’s main aim for the treatment of herpes infection is to diminish the acuteness of herpes signs and symptoms. For achieving this goal generally physicians recommends antiviral medicines such as Acyclovir, Famcyclovir, Valacyclovir, Zovirex, Valtrex and topical ointments. Though these medicines have the sufficient potential to cope up with the severity of herpes infection but you do need to know that all these medicines may lead to the numbers of adverse impact on your body. Prolong usage of these medicines may immensely weaken your immunity and you will become very prone to frequent outbreaks of it. Not only these medicines kill the good bacteria that are responsible for boosting your immunity but it may also lead to the other adverse issues.

Side-Effects Of Herpes Medicines 

Nausea, vomiting, feeling malaise, head pain, diarrhea, tiredness, pain, swelling, abdominal pain and increase thirst are the very common adverse issues that a patient can experience when they use antiviral medicines. Serious side-effects of herpes medication are rare but still there are chances of the formation of it. collages1Blood in urine, painful urination, confusion, hives, unusual bruising, peeling skin, difficult breathing, mood changes, depression and muscle cramp are the rare adverse effects of using above antiviral medicines. However, if you have the courage of taking these side effects as granted then you can go for it. However, every patient doesn’t experience adverse effects of using these medicines. You can also find numbers of herpes patients who don’t experienced even single outbreaks of herpes infection. That is the reason why they generally do not need to go for any types of treatments. But the patients who do experience signs and symptoms need to go for the right treatment options. As I have already mentioned that medicines can be used to reduce the severity of herpes traits but antiviral medicines may lead to the formation of adverse impact. So, to not get any side effects during the treatment of herpes infection the patient should go for the natural treatment or home remedies.

Home Remedies For Herpes

natural ingredient for herpesNot only home remedies help you to decrease the severity of herpes infection but it also has the sufficient potential to strengthen your immunity. You might not aware of the importance of having strong immunity to tackle from herpes infection. This is first and last essential thing to cope up with herpes infection. A better immunity means you has sufficient capabilities to fight up from herpes infection. So using natural ingredients not only help you to tackle from this infection but it will also help you to eliminate the virus that leads to the formation of severe traits. We are going to add some most powerful natural ingredients in this article that can immensely influence your overall immunity.


elderberryElderberry is a great natural substance that not only stimulates the immune system but also has the sufficient potential to manage the indications of herpes. It has great amount of antioxidant that not only supports your immunity but also stimulates your blood circulation. The patient of herpes can also go for the honey as it carries natural healing substance that has great influence over the herpes infection.


honey for herpesRegular consumption of honey has the capability to stimulate the healing process of herpes wounds and at the same time it also helps to stimulate the immune system. You can find numbers of herpes patients using licorice root because it contains strong therapeutic properties that are immensely beneficial to heal herpes cold sore, blister and lesion faster. The patient who is suffering from intense pain due to herpes virus should use ice pack on the affected area. It helps to reduce the inflammation and pain caused by the herpes infection.

baking soda for herpesBaking Soda

Baking soda reduces the itchiness and pain by soaking the fluids from the affected area. If you don’t have access to the baking soda then there is a great alternative available of baking soda. If you want to know more about baking soda and cold sores, click here.


cornCornstarch also has the similar potential as baking soda has. You can use cornstarch for soaking up all the fluids from the blister and from the cold sores.

Aloe Vera 

aloeveragelAloe Vera has been used by the human since ancient time for numerous skin related issues but many people do not know that it can be also used to reduce the severity of herpes traits. It has great amount of essential nutrients that are highly beneficial for the treatment of herpes infection such as anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, antiviral, antioxidants and nutrients. Using aloe Vera can immensely influence your immunity as well as eliminates the virus from the affected area. It will also help to stimulate the immune system.


Researchers have found that constant usage of lysine can enormously help a patient to better tackle with herpes infection. Lysine is full of amino acids that herpes virus really hates. So you can use lysine as an enemy of herpes virus. When it comes to the herpes treatment many patients generally use lemon balm for receiving better result and lemon balm does positively influence herpes virus. It has phenolic acid, flavonoids and rosmarinic acid that have the potential to speed the healing process of herpes wounds and lesion. If you are experiencing severe traits of herpes infection then you need to use tea tree oil that has the capabilities to treat herpes outbreaks. It also removes the ulcer caused by the herpes virus.

There are a number of side-effects of medications that we use for herpes treatment. You can go to herpes cure 9 to get the further details.

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