Colloidal Silver Herpes Cure – Real Cure or Just A Name…..

Herpes is the main problem for everyone nowadays but there is another solution is invented for herpes which is colloidal silver for herpes. Yeah, I know this is impossible to cure this condition then why I am saying that by this you can cure herpes? Well, we all know that herpes is a sexually disease and this can pass through sexual and non-sexual activities. Herpes is caused by herpes simplex virus and the symptoms of this condition are very common. They come in the form of outbreaks which usually appear in and around lips, mouth and genitals depending on which form of the virus has contracted. Some people who are affected with this virus experience outbreaks on a regular basis while other people may experience only one or few outbreaks in a life time.

Because there is no permanent cure, people try to use various types of treatments to control their herpes symptoms. It is estimated that almost 60-70 percent population of the United States and South Africa are suffering from this condition. According to studies there are so many people who are also suffering from this condition. But, according to public’s review they are not complementing. Do you ever though that beside medicines you can use anything to cure you condition?

Medicines are not as effective as natural treatments. No, I am not saying that medicines are not going to work for you. Medicines can work but they also contain side-effects which can make your condition from bad to worse. For example, we have antivirals, medicines, herpes eraser, vaccines and topical creamers and ointments to sure herpes’s symptoms. These treatment options are full of side-effects and also very expensive. These medicines are a big burden on your pocket. If you want to know more about the side-effects of medication for herpes, click here. If we have the best treatment option, why you want to go for another? Yes, you are right I am going to talk about colloidal silver for herpes. Come let’s see what colloidal silver is and how it works.

How colloidal silver for herpes works

Colloidal silver is suspension of 99 percent pure silver in purified water. Although it is not fully understood that why it is very effective to reduce the severity of herpes outbreaks. Silver has been used for centuries for medical purposes and that same study also shows its effectiveness and safety.  It is very safe if you use this in a correct dosage. Colloidal silver has been used to kill various kinds of viruses and bacteria very effectively. There are very promising research on HIV.

colloidal-silver-herpesAccording to studies silver inhibits the growth of the bacterial by deactivating the bacteria’s oxygen metabolism. Colloidal silver acts very differently than antibiotics. This is a very powerful antiviral and anti-fungal agent that can work effectively on herpes’s symptoms. This medicines acts like a catalyst which disables these vital enzymes (bacteria, viruses and fungus) which is required by microorganisms. It also helps to reduce inflammation and help to heal the injured tissues.

How to use Colloidal Silver Herpes Cure

Colloidal silver for herpes is the best treatment option because it has the ability to bring down the frequency of herpes outbreaks and it is tested and used treatment. You can take this internally to cure herpes’s symptoms. Do not think that this treatment can cure this condition properly because till this date there is no cure for this condition. This is an incurable disease and you can’t get rid of this condition ever if once its virus enters into your body.

colloidal-silver-antibacterial-ointmentYou can only cure its symptoms or outbreaks by this amazing treatment option. You can found the instruction on the bottle of this but according to studies you can take one teaspoon of this ingredient on a daily basis. You need to hold this liquid under your tongue at-least for 30 seconds then swallow it.  To see better results of using colloidal silver for herpes, you can directly apply this on your affected area of the skin. You can see the improvement under 24 hours.

Now you can think about the cure and treatment option together because colloidal silver is something that which can give you very effective results. Actually as per the public reviews all I can say that colloidal silver for herpes is something that can help you to live happy and normal life. By this you can get relief from pain, itching, discomfort and many more. You don’t have to spend your time on other drug’s treatment because only few drops colloidal silver and you are solved.

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