If you have ever used medication for herpes you must know what they can do to your health. If you are not aware of all the effects as well as side effects of antivirals that you are dependant on, it might be the scene that a sudden blast in the form of a health hazard will make you familiar with the negativities of herpes medication. As it is often said, if you do not find time for your time, you will have to find time for medication. If at initial stage you do not consider it as important, at later stages the side effects will accumulate in your body and come out as a big problem.


Medicines are an output of extensive research and are today the only trusted way of treating every minor and major health ailment. After years of efforts antibiotics were discovered. And medicinal development in the field of viral infections has been very much slower than any other treatment. Herpes also is a viral infection and hence it was a challenge to find a medicine for the treatment of herpes too. Scientists were very happy when they reached acyclovir, the first antiviral drug that got an approval from the Food and Drugs Administration. At this time, all the herpes patients were singing the tune of acyclovir. Later on other variants of acyclovir were discovered. Some of the topical antiviral creams were also introduced with development in the field of herpes medication.


With sufficient varieties of antivirals available in the market, it was though that we can now overpower herpes simplex. Unfortunately, they did not do anything more than making the pharmaceutical companies richer. Soon after the discovery of acyclovir and other such medications, it was realized that all these medications were only meant to temporarily mask the symptoms of herpes outbreak. They could not reach the herpes simplex virus and had no mechanism of killing virus. After this realization another set of projects aimed at killing the herpes simplex virus were started, but it has been decades now and there is not output of those projects. Till today we do not have anything concrete that can either prevent the infection or kill the herpes simplex virus permanently. You must be wondering why the doctor prescribes the medicines for treating herpes infection if they cannot kill the herpes simplex. Let us see everything herpes medications can do as a help to herpes patients.types-of-herpes

  • Medications can reduce the severity of herpes outbreak. Be it herpes simplex 1 or herpes simplex 2, both of them display some symptoms like fever, body ache, headache, fever, tiredness, fatigue etc. These symptoms are really severe when the virus hits you for the first time, and the severity is low for subsequent outbreaks. To take care of all these symptoms we can use medicines. Using these medicines in no way guarantee that you will not suffer from herpes outbreaks in future, but during the current outbreak, use of medicines will reduce the severity of symptoms.
  • Apart from this, herpes medications stop the cold sores and other symptoms from spreading further. Once you start taking medicines, the medicines will somehow stop the herpes simplex virus from replicating. They cannot do anything about the herpes simplex strands already present in your body and on your skin, but by stopping the future replication, they can prevent your symptoms from becoming severe.
  • With the help of herpes medications one can decrease the frequency of herpes outbreaks. How this is achieved has been has been talked about in the subsequent sections. But one benefits of using herpes medications is that they can delay the next outbreak but only if you continuously take them for years.


Herpes patients are prescribed herpes medications by their doctor depending on the severity of the outbreak and the stage of herpes outbreak they are on. A separate treatment for cold sores may be prescribed for taking care of the cold sores breaking out of the skin at different parts of your body. Usually herpes medications are prescribed differently for different patients based on their condition. In general we can categorize the treatment in following three therapies.

Initial therapy

Initial outbreak of herpes is something you will not forget for the rest of your life. It will be the worst nightmare coming true. There will be painful sores out of which fluid will ooze out continuously. There will be severe headache and acute body pain that will create trouble. And because it is for the first time, your mind also will not easily accept the fact that you have herpes simplex. Over and above everything else you will have the terror of social rejection whenever you will look at your sores. During this time you will be given a higher dose of medication as there are no antibodies against herpes simplex in your body at present.

Intermittent therapy

intermittent-therapyBecause you are a herpes patient, you have to prepare yourself for sudden outbreaks that may hit you anytime. Intermittent therapy is used for patients who suffer from herpes outbreaks occasionally. After the initial outbreak some antibodies are formed in your body and due to this the subsequent herpes outbreaks are lighter. To deal with future outbreaks you will not require a high dose of medication and small amounts of antiviral medicines will be enough. Any variation of acyclovir, valacyclovir or famcyclovir is usually prescribed by the doctor. He may also advise you to keep some doses of the same in hand so that you can use it during the initial symptoms of the herpes outbreaks only.

Suppressive therapy

This is the most dangerous therapy. Yes, it is a therapy and I am calling it dangerous because of the facts that support my statement. Herpes infection is life long; you cannot get rid of it once the virus enters into your body. This is something not in our control, but what antiviral medication we should take and when is totally under our control. Suppressive therapy is used for herpes patients who frequently suffer from herpes outbreaks. Whether they are suffering from herpes outbreak or not, you will eat a pill everyday. This will minimize the frequency of future outbreaks close to zero. Some people live their entire life without an outbreak just by taking a pill. Although we are stating it as just a pill but shortly you will get to know that it is a bundle of side effects that we are inducing in our healthy body.


This is the side of the coin that is usually not portrayed much. The pharmaceutical companies advertise about the best their medicines can do but they forget to make people aware of the side effects that the herpes patient may suffer from. Although it is their responsibility, but not completing it won’t harm them much. If they don’t do it, it become your responsibility to find out the side effects herpes medications can have on your body, and not doing so will definitely be harmful for you. You will surely pay price in terms of health in turn of this negligence. It is not too late yet and you can manage everything as long as you have intent to stay healthy. For all those who still want to be healthy, here is a list of side effects that can be caused by herpes medications:

  • Mood swings: Agitation and confusion are the more specific type of mood swings you may suffer from while on medication. These might already be bothering you since the day you contracted the herpes simplex virus, but medicines may make it worse.
  • Hallucinations: The patient may experience scenes involving the apparent perception of something not present. This is the rare side effect of herpes medication, but if you are mentally not too strong, then this might occur to you.
  • Nausea: nauseaNausea is the feeling of sickness with an inclination of vomiting. It makes the patients feel very uncomfortable to even eat or sleep sometimes.
  • Dizziness: It refers to a disorienting sensation such as faintness, light headedness, or unsteadiness. If you have a weak immune system and are struggling through herpes as well, you become very weak. Due to weakness this situation may arise. While on medication if you do not eat properly, then you may suffer from dizziness.
  • Drowsiness: This makes the patient lethargic and he/she will continuously feel sleepy. Being a herpes patient you may have spent a few nights without sleeping, but while on medication you may feel that you are sleepy all the time.
  • Shaky movements and trouble in speaking: Sometimes due to weakness you may feel shaky while moving around and it can also affect you voice.
  • Signs of kidney problem: Acyclovir may also affect your kidney. You may experience changes in the amount of urine, and sometimes it is accompanied with pain also.
  • Unusual back/side pain: This is due to the changes that have occurred in the kidney due to the antibiotic.

herpesThis was a small list of side effects that were necessary for you know, but do not assume that they area all. Many of the rarely caused side effects have not been mentioned here. Some specific type of health changes might be observed among herpes patient, and you have to analyze your body for it. Careful analysis of what your body was before you took herpes medication and what are you today in terms of health will automatically give you the side effects of herpes medications.

The fate of herpes patients remains unchanged despite of so many anti herpes products being sold online. Herpes was incurable and even today it is incurable. But the cost we pay through medications just for temporary masking of symptoms is a bit too high. If you are using medications for treating herpes just because you think there is no other option, then you are totally wrong in your perception.


There are many natural herpes remedies for herpes treatment, which are known to be incurable. Antiviral medications are even more harmful for herpes patients because they have to stick to their chosen treatment method for the rest of their life. It is not temporary event that will be over after certain amount of time and you cannot expect the side effects to leave your body really soon. This is why natural treatment methods are prescribed for such type of illnesses. Natural methods of treating herpes are safer than medications; they are cheap as well as equally effective. Only thing natural treatment for herpes do not have is advertisement and promotion. But these two are absolutely unnecessary and they don’t have any role in determining the effectiveness of the treatment method.natural-remedies-for-herpes1

Those who think they don’t have any choice must open up their eyes and look around. Of course you will find not one or two but many better ways to treat herpes. Medications are must for those health ailments that are life threatening and can be cured with it, but for lifelong diseases natural way is far better. Apart from medications and natural treatments, some more efforts are being done to minimize the problem of herpes patients and the outcomes of several studies are coming out of the box frequently. Some the effective and good outputs are: ozone therapy, salt room therapy, homeopathy and HSV Eraser.

If now you choose to ignore these small side effects of herpes medications, later on they become a problem that you cannot ignore at all. So it is better you choose to pay attention now, because in future you would not be able to change anything no matter how much desperately you try. Doing the right thing t the right time is always important and to stay healthy it is a mandatory step for all the herpes patients to analyze their herpes medications closely.

One more frequent herpes treatment method is colloidal silver.

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